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Our Children

In July of 2005, Rescue Children Orphanage officially opened its doors in Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince.  We are located in the Santo area within 30 minutes of Toussaint Louverture International Airport and less than 45 minutes from the Dominican Republic.   Currently, 17 children are registered with plans to add more children in the future.  We are also blessed to have a great staff to help us with the children.  To view or print photos, visit our News/Media page.   

Rescue Children has begun a new school program at orphanage.  Click here to see the children's photo taken on first day of school and a short video of them singing.

Many of you have asked about information to sponsor a child.  We are now happy to provide some background information on each child registered at Rescue Children Orphanage so you can select children which you would like to help.  Please visit Bios to download or print photos and information on our children and Photo Gallery to see the beautiful kids at our orphanage.

What a joy and blessing to work with these beautiful boys and girls who range from one year to 15 years.  About half of them are attending school for the first time in their lives.  Please pray for us to receive funds, materials and labor to build our own orphanage in Haiti.  We would like to have a nice, big piece of land to raise goats, pigs, ducks and chickens and to have garden to grow some of our food.  This would be a good project for the children. 

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We experienced a miracle at our orphanage in January 2006.  Junior Bellevue, our former Director, and Simon Alexis, one of our children, were on a street near the orphanage when an elderly lady passed by with an infant.  Simon first saw the lady and a crowd that gathered around her and alerted Junior.  The lady inquired if anyone knew of a place where someone might take a baby and explained that the baby's mother had left her and never came back, that she had nothing to feed her.  She was carrying the baby to the trash dump, which too often becomes a dumping ground for infants whose mothers are too poor to feed them and just leave them there.  Junior approached the woman and took the baby in his arms.  She seemed relieved and left quickly.  Although we had planned to accept children 3 years and up, we could not bear to see this innocent little child left to die because no one wanted her.  We named her July Angela Morrison and she is loved by everybody who sees her. 


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