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Marie Victoire Alexis, 11

Marie Victoire has two brothers at the orphanage, Simon Alexis and Francois Saint-Lot. Her  father died and her mother is very, very poor and does not have money to feed her or  send her to school. She loves to go to school and finished at the top of class of students at Rescue Children Orphanage. She loves to sing in church and already shows signs of leadership.

Simon Alexis, 14

Simon has a sister, Marie Victoire Alexis, and little brother, Francois Saint Lot, at the orphanage.  Before his father died, they worked in the garden together and dreamed of owning their own Tap-Tap business.  He cried a lot after he died because he was very sad, but he is happier now at the orphanage.  Simon wants to be an engineer and pastor.  He helps with the younger children at the orphanage and sets a good example for them.

July Bellevue, 1

July (pronounced like Julie)  is our miracle child.  She was rescued literally by Rescue Children Orphanage.  Abandoned by her mother and left with an old woman with no money to feed her, she was on her way to carry July to the garbage dump, but Junior overheard the lady talking about July and asked Miss Lynda if the orphanage would accept her.  She has a home now and everyone loves her. 

Widlyne Bonheur, 3

Widlyne was abandoned by her  father and her mother has no money to feed her.  She was not happy when she first came to the orphanage because she didn't know anyone, but now she is  happy and likes her new family.  She like to play with dolls and loves school.

Yverde Cenat, 10

Yverde was abandoned by her parents and does not know where they are.  She  did not attend school  until she came to Rescue Children Orphanage.  She loves to go to school, to read, to play with dolls and to sing.  Yverde has a beautiful voice.  Sometimes she helps to wash the dishes.

Macson Delcine, 10

Macson loves to sing and go to school.  He can sing some songs in Spanish.  He likes church music and sings a lot of hymns. He likes Bible stories that Miss Lynda tells with the felt characters.  His father was murdered when he was a baby and his mother is unable to earn a living because she is blind.  She used to help with laundry at the orphanage but became sick.

Shelda Derat, 5

Shelda was abandoned by her  parents and raised by her  grandmother until last year when she came to the orphanage.  Her grandmother was always working and she had no one to take care of her.  She picked up some bad habits, but she is  learning to be polite.  Shelda loves to sing and has a beautful voice and smile.

Eland Elcius, 15

Eland and his brother Roberde were brought to the orphanage by relatives.  His mother and father are both dead, and the relatives could not afford to feed or keep them.  He had never been to school before, but he is now learning to read and write and loves school.   He is a very bright young man  and is very polite.  Eland has a beautiful voice and loves to sing hymns.

Roberde Elcius, 12

Roberde and his brother Eland were brought to the orphanage by relatives.  Both parents are dead, and the relatives were too poor to feed or keep them.  Roberde had never been to school before and is now learning to read and write.  He is very eager to learn all he can and is very polite.  He loves to  sing.

Mafuna Maxi, 8

Mafuna is the sister of Roger Maxi and has been at the orphanage since it opened.  She is a very beautiful and bright little girl who loves to play mother to Baby July.  Mafuna likes to go to school and sing hymns.  She enjoys playing with dolls and sometimes talks too much (remember, she's a little woman).  She has a good sense of humor.


Roger Maxi, 6

Roger and his older sister, Mafuna, have been at the orphanage since it opened in 2005.  His father was murdered and his mother had eight children and not enough food for them.  Although Roger is small, he is very strong willed.  He is very intelligent and loves to go to school.  Sometimes he is the "professeur" and teaches the other children.  Roger loves to play with cars, and sometimes invents his own toys as do other children at the orphanage. 

Nalande Omilus, 11

Nalande is currently the oldest of the girls at the orphanage and is showing some signs of leadership. She was abandoned by her parents and lived in the same home as Shelda.  She is dependable if asked to help at the orphanage.  Nalande loves to go to school and is good at helping the younger children.  She loves to sing and draw and always has a smile on her face.

Rodlin Pierre, 7

Rodlin and his brother, Stevenson, came to the orphanage in June.  Their mother died three years ago and the father has no one to watch them while he works, so he bought them a patty to eat for breakfast and left them roaming around in their neighborhood.  Rodlin was severely malnourished when he came to the orphanage, but he is gaining weight and also responding well to the discipline.

Stevenson Pierre, 4

Stevenson and his brother, Rodlin, came to the orphanage in June.  He was one year old when his mother died and he instantly bonded with Miss Lynda.  He is starved for affection and is quite a little charmer.  Because he and Rodlin were allowed to roam the neighborhood while their father worked, it was a challenge for him to adapt to structure, but he has done a great job and he is also gaining weight.

Phara Presendieu, 9

Phara's father has abandoned her mother who is suffering from AIDS.  She is a very outgoing and friendly young lady who always has a smile on her face.  She loves going to school and singing.  She is good with the younger children and often acts as a "little mother" to them.  Phara has a very positive attitude and is a real joy to be around.

Geff-Alande St-Germain, 4

Geff-Alande was abandoned by his father and his mother did not have money to feed him.  She has not visited him since he came to the orphanage over a year ago.  He is always pleasant and polite, mostly quiet, and calls Miss Lynda "Mama" which she loves.  He loves to dress up for church and feels proud with his shirt and tie on.  Geff-Alande loves to go to school and enjoys playing with cars.  He has good manners and is always polite. 

Wilner Saintil, 10

Wilner has a brother,  Ylema, at the orphanage.  Both of their parents are dead and their relatives did not have enough money to take care of them an feed them.  Wilner is always happy and enjoys going to school for the first time.  He is learning to read and write and is very proud of that.  He is very courteous and always ready to help out.  Wilner always wears a smile.

Ylema Saintil, 12

Ylema and his brother, Wilner, came to the orphanage in February.  Both parents are dead and relatives were too poor to care for them.  Ylema is a bit of a mystery, always pleasant but mostly a loner.  He loves going to school for the first time in his life and is learning to read and write.  Ylema is very quiet and withdrawn, but friendly when engaged in conversation.

Francois Saint-Lot, 4 

Francois is the younger brother of Marie Victoire and Simon Alexis.  His father abandoned him and his mother is too poor to provide for him.  He is a real livewire and a bit hyper but is calming down as time passes by.  He loves to sing and play with cars and is very affectionate.  Francois loves going to school.

Alex Vaval, 7

Alex' mother is dead and  he is one of eight children.  The father is not able to provide food for all of them.  He is very intelligent and loves to go to school and is interested in learning.  He also loves to sing hymns.  Alex wants to be a doctor when he grows up.



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